[amsat-bb] Full Duplex Radios - A Complete List

Andrew Koenig andrewkoenig at thathamkid.com
Tue Jun 9 20:43:02 PDT 2009

After a couple of hours of surfing around on Universal Radio and other
radios sites that keep a good archive, I've completed the list of full
duplex radios. Use it however you want; print it out before a hamfest, post
it in your shack. All that I ask is that you let me know if there are any
errors on the list.

Full URL: <http://thathamkid.com/website/ham-radio/full-duplex-radios>
Shortend URL: <http://bit.ly/JclIa>

Also, up in the top right-hand corner of the article is a little icon of a
printer. For a printable version (without all of the template junk), click
that icon.

Andrew Koenig
73 de KE5GDB

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