[amsat-bb] Re: DJ-G7T programming cable question

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Tue Jun 9 20:33:08 PDT 2009

At 02:13 PM 6/9/2009, David - KG4ZLB wrote:
>Whether or not a question is raised after someone has actually tried 
>to work it out for themselves or not is immaterial.
>If this reflector, which lets face it is concerned with some fairly 
>high level stuff in comparison to normal ham radio operations), is 
>going to go the way of responding to a perfectly reasonable question 
>with the reply of "read the ******g manual", then newcomers and 
>interested observers are going to beat a hasty retreat thinking that 
>AMSAT is elitist.
>We must not be seen to be typical of the 'those that know' wanting 
>to protect their playground mentality.
>I have asked some downright stupidly basic questions on here over 
>the years and have always been responded to with friendliness and 
>professionalism even though I have often had a mental picture of my 
>"helpers" banging their heads against a wall in frustration. But on 
>the back of that I have been able to help with other people's issues 
>where the same question has arisen.
>If questions offend then use a combination of filters and the delete key.
>My 2 peso's worth.
>David KG4ZLB

As one who has answered a few questions over the years (many time the 
same questions, repeatedly), it suggests placing the answers into a 
FAQ on the web to refer folks to.  But for each questioner its a 
"new' question for them.  So if you want to help, answer them.  If 
the question bores you, delete and let someone else help.  I do think 
many folks could find some of these answers with a little digging on 
their own.  But it all comes to helping or not.  There are enough 
experts on the bb to share the task.

73, Ed - KL7UW 

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