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> Being paralyzed from the neck down, he could only use his head and mouth
> to control his motorized wheel chair and it was a common sight for him to
> drive around the streets of Bangalore, visiting friends, going to
> restaurants
> and even shopping for radio components for his radio projects.
> He was an avid radio amateur, controlling the radio and associated
> equipment, all with plastic rods held in his mouth. He operated the
> computer also in this fashion and even made computer drawings on
>antenna designs etc which he shared with friends- my satellite antennae
>were home brewed from drawings he sent me.
> He was a keen DXer and had friends all over the world, on HF and
> satellites also. When AO 40 was operational he made several hundreds
>of contacts.

Since I worked a lot of DX on AO-40 I checked my log for VU2MKP
and confirmed I was one of the contacts he had made.
Due to the time difference and relative short mutual window I did not
work very many VU's. I had worked him on  the 25/09/03
and he asked for a QSL via the Bureau.  It took three years for the exchange
to be made.  His nice card was filled out by hand.

Clare VE3NPC

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