[amsat-bb] FS: Icom IC-W32A complete handheld satellite station

n3tl@bellsouth.net n3tl at bellsouth.net
Tue Jun 9 15:32:10 PDT 2009

I have for sale a complete, full-duplex-capable handheld FM satellite station, including:
-          Icom IC-W32A HT, with manual and OEM duck antenna
-          Icom BP-170 battery case, holds 4 AA alkalines
-          Batteries America BP-173X, 9.6V 1450 mAh pack
-          Batteries America BP 171XH, 4.8V 2700 mAh pack
-          MFJ Speaker mic for the W32A.
-          Maldol stubby (2.5-inch) duck antenna with BNC connector
-          MFJ-1717 duck antenna with BNC connector
-          Pryme AL-800 telescoping whip antenna with BNC connector
-          Batteries America Cigarette plug for W32A
I am not the first owner of the radio. I bought it from a commercial vendor last August at the Huntsville hamfest. That vendor provided a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. The radio did and does work as new, with one exception. When I operate it full duplex and use a Y adapter plug at the earphone jack so I can hear myself and record the pass, I sometimes get audio break up that suggests a loose connection or aged plug. This doesn’t occur if I use the speaker mic, which has a headphone jack on the bottom that I can plug the Y adapter into. Otherwise, the radio performs as new. Cosmetically, it looks as close to NIB as I’ve ever seen in a used radio. I cannot see even minor surface scratches in the display face, and there are no scuffs or marks of any kind on the radio body or the battery packs. I’ll provide digital photos upon request.
I picked up the battery packs, cigarette plug and speaker mic at Huntsville last August, too. The original Icom NiCad battery pack wasn’t in great shape, so I retired/recycled it. 
I bought the AL-800 antenna before I picked up the Icom, and have used it for multiple handheld satellite contacts. Allen, N5AFV, literally has made thousands of handheld satellite contacts using this antenna. The MFJ duck is capable of making satellite contacts, but it’s not as good as the AL-800. 
I have more than $450 – not retail, but what I actually paid – invested in this gear. Full retail price on the packs and other accessories would bring it close to $500. 
I am asking $300 (certified check or money order) for the entire package ($310 if you want to use PayPal because of its fees), with an additional $10 to cover USPS Priority Mail shipping and insurance. I am not interested in breaking the package up.
Why am I selling? After last weekend’s testing, I want to get a Kenwood TH-F6A because of its versatility. With my other HT and my Diamond duplexer, I’ll still be able to operate the FM satellites full duplex. I am still unemployed (since late December), so something has to go if I want to pick up another radio. That’s also the reason for the extra $10 for PayPal. 
NOTE – I am listing this gear exclusively here on the AMSAT-BB for 24 hours. I’ll post to some other online sites if it’s not sold by 7 p.m., EDT (23:00 UTC) on June 10th.
Please contact me off the AMSAT-BB with any questions. 
Thanks, and 73 to all,

Tim – N3TL

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