[amsat-bb] Re: DJ-G7T programming cable question

Nigel Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF nigel at ngunn.net
Tue Jun 9 13:18:24 PDT 2009

Hi Tim.

Something that bugs me with e-groups in general is the number of people who have a relatively simple question/problem 
and give no indication that they have tried to solve it for themselves.

The questions that are basically ohms law, you know the things, "I need to charge this battery, what size resistor do I 
need and which side of the battery do I put it?"
Now be reasonable, that was in your Tech exam syllabus.

Tell me what you've tried to solve the problem and I'm more likely to help. Don't expect me to be your Google operator!

As for the piggies, well....  piggies are generally simple minded beasts.
On-off keying and anything that cycles faster than every 3nS or so is beyond most of them.
Most piggies can't even spell "satellite".

n3tl at bellsouth.net wrote:
> Hey Nigel,
> Thank you for posting that. As I read the original post just now (before 
> I opened your response), I found myself thinking ... "um ... try it?"  hihi
> Hope all is well with you. Did you see my post to the piggie reflector 
> about including CW/SSB satellite contacts in the 10th Anniversary 
> contest? No response, either on the reflector or off. That's a shame.
> 73,
> Tim - N3TL

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