[amsat-bb] Re: [amsatindia] Re: [VUHams] VU2MKP Silent Key

Nitin Muttin vu3tyg at amsatindia.org
Tue Jun 9 07:02:02 PDT 2009

It is sad and shocking to know that Robert is no more.  I remember meeting
him many times and will continue to remember him as a humble and fine human
being. He was a life member of AMSAT INDIA and has advised and shared his
inputs during the design of VO-52. He was also one of the early VU station
on the AO-40 and other satellites.


May his soul rest in peace.


Nitin [VU3TYG]



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It is a shocking and a very sad news. It is a bit difficult for me to 
accept that OT Robert is no more with us. He was truly an inspiring, 
humble and a fine human being. His technical knowledge is par with 
excellence. Rather, it is difficult to express in words about him. We 
really lost a man with a strong determination and a man who stood as 
an inspiration to us forever. I along with my family and club members 
express our Heart felt condolences to the bereaved family. May his 
Soul Rest in Peace. We miss you Robert.

Mani, VU2WMY
Secretary & Station-In-Charge
Upagrah Amateur Radio Club VU2URC
ISRO Satellite Centre
Airport Road, Bangalore-560 017.
Phone:(O)91-80-2508 2054/2192/2537
Mobile: 91-80-98803 41456
E-mail ID: wmy at isac.gov. <mailto:wmy%40isac.gov.in> in
vu2wmy_mani@ <mailto:vu2wmy_mani%40yahoo.com> yahoo.com
isrohams at yahoo. <mailto:isrohams%40yahoo.com> com

Quoting Gopal Madhavan <gopal.madhavan@ <mailto:gopal.madhavan%40gmail.com>

> I have just got the very sad news from VU2RCR Chandru, that our friend
> Robert Kohli VU2MKP became a silent key in Bangalore just a few minutes
> in a hospital where he had been admitted a few days ago.
> For those of us fortunate people who knew Robert, he was a truly
> remarkable individual who in spite of his disabilities managed to do many
> things we would be happy to just attempt. He was an example of what can be
> done in spite of such severe handicaps.
> Being paralyzed from the neck down, he could only use his head and mouth
> control his motorized wheel chair and it was a common sight for him to
> around the streets of Bangalore, visiting friends, going to restaurants
> even shopping for radio components for his radio projects.
> He was an avid radio amateur, controlling the radio and associated
> equipment, all with plastic rods held in his mouth. He operated the
> also in this fashion and even made computer drawings on antenna designs
> which he shared with friends- my satellite antennae were home brewed from
> drawings he sent me.
> He was a keen DXer and had friends all over the world, on HF and
> also. When AO 40 was operational he made several hundreds of contacts.
> Robert was Life member of ARSI and took an active part in all activities.
> attended several ham fests and knew many, many hams all over VU and the
> rest of the world.
> He had recently constructed a home for himself in Bangalore in which the
> shack was on the first floor and had made a ramp from the ground floor to
> use his wheel chair to go to the first floor, so keen was he on amateur
> radio.
> Ham radio has lost a great operator who guided many hams and was a source
> of inspiration to many of us.
> - we will miss you Robert.
> May his soul rest in eternal peace
> Gopal VU2GMN
> Gopal Madhavan
> "Shreyas Apartments"
> 128 (old 63) Greenways Road
> R A Puram
> Chennai- 600 028, India
> Tel: +91 44 2493 7724/ 42303129
> Mob: +91 94440 18452
> E-mail: gopal.madhavan@ <mailto:gopal.madhavan%40gmail.com> gmail.com
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