[amsat-bb] Re: Proposed AMSAT-NA Symposium Paper

Anthony Monteiro aa2tx at comcast.net
Mon Jun 8 09:21:17 PDT 2009

At 11:14 AM 6/8/2009, Bill Ress wrote:
>Hi Dan,
>I will be submitting a paper entitled:
>"A Linear U/v Transponder for SuitSat2"
>SuitSat2 will incorporate several advanced circuit functions which will
>be directly applicable to the "modular" development program under way at
>AMSAT-NA. One of the SuitSat2 modules, the linear U/v RF transponder,
>uses the latest in solid state device technology to provide a very
>efficient 1/2 watt 145 MHz transmitter and a low noise 435 MHz to 10.7
>MHz down converter. The design philosophy and circuit details will be

Hi Bill,

Looks like we will have the whole RF system covered.

Tony AA2TX 

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