[amsat-bb] Re: unknown packet signal

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jun 7 17:47:02 PDT 2009

> I'm in Orlando, Florida. Can someone let me know 
> which satellite I just received around 20:54 UTC 
> on 145.825 MHz running packet?

I am on a 1800 mile round trip too, and when I cant find anything else on 2m, I let the radio sit on 145.825.  Then when I hear ISS, then  I know that I will have passes 91 and 182 minutes later.  Then for the rest of this trip, I just remember that each day the pass is 23 minutes later or, every other day the ground track repeates but 51 minutes earler each day, and I can always predict when it will come over again.

When it does, I QSY the APRS side of my radio from 144.39 to 145.825 for the pass, and I can work em.  THen just remember when the next pass will be.  You dont need no PC...  see http://www.aprs.org/MobileLEOtracking.html

So it was good to see ISS back on the air.  There is a scientific team headed to Mongolia and they hope to be able to communicate via APRS text message from a handheld, and are dependend on ISS being on the air, and for ground stations in Japan to hear them and IGate them into the APRS system.


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