[amsat-bb] LogSat Y2k???

Wed Jun 3 21:30:53 PDT 2009

Anyone still using LogSat out there?

I have version 5.2.61 with the Y2K patches installed. I am running WINXP 
OS. This has been a very good program for me over the years. I like how 
it works.

I just got through updating the KEPS etc so that I could print out some 
satellite predictions. All worked well until I fine tuned the time to 
GMT using the time setting utility in the program that queues up the 
system clock.  (This utility has only two digits for the year.). I 
printed out about 10 pages of work and then turned on my browser and 
found the Yahoo security certificate had expired. In checking the system 
clock under windows the year was 3909!

Has anyone encountered this bug?

Also the DST box has to be checked to get correct GMT -  Strange??

Joe Leikhim K4SAT

"Use only Genuine Interocitor Parts" Tom Servo  ;-P

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