[amsat-bb] Re: true duplex radios

Andrew Koenig ke5gdb at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 16:21:11 PDT 2009

Here's my attempt of to update the list of full duplex capable radios. Did I
miss anything?

HTs -
Icom IC-W2A
Icom IC-W31A
Icom IC-W32
Icom IC-Z1A
Icom IC-X2A (440MHz/1.2GHz)
Yaesu FT-470
Yaesu FT-530
Yaesu FR-51R
Kenwood TH-D7
Kenwood TH-75A
Kenwood TH-77
Kenwood TH-78
Alinco DJ-G5T
Alinco DJ-580T
Alinco DJ-G7

Mobile rigs -
Kenwood TM732
Kenwood TM733
Kenwood TM741
Kenwood TM742
Kenwood TM941
Kenwood TM942
Kenwood TM-D700/710
Yaesu FT-4700
Yaesu FT-5100
Yaesu FT-5200
Yaesu FT-8800
Yaesu FT-8900
Icom 2728H
Icom IC2800
Icom IC-2340
Icom IC-2720
Icom IC-2820
Icom IC-Delta-100
Heathkit HW-24/HW-24A

Base rigs -
Yaesu FT-726 (with OSCAR Module)
Yaesu FT-736
Yaesu FT-847
Kenwood TS-2000
Icom 820
Icom 821
Icom IC-910H
Icom IC-970

Andrew Koenig

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