[amsat-bb] BEVO1 Deployment from STS-127

Karla Vega vegakp at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 08:03:54 PDT 2009

The University of Texas at Austin deployed BEVO1 in space on July 30, 2009
at 7:27 AM CDT via the STS-127 Space Shuttle Picosatellite Launcher (SSPL).

We appreciate anyone who can help us tracking BEVO1!

BEVO1 Downlink Information:

Beacon Mode
Downlink Freq: 437.325 MHz
Modulation: FM, 200mW, Morse Code, ~20 WPM

Data Mode
Downlink Freq: 437.325 MHz
GMSK, 1W, 9600 baud, AX.25 (default)
FM, 1W, Bell 202, AX.25

1 99999U           9211.52399245  .00015326  99081-9  77971-4 0    19
2 99999  51.6397  84.3142 0004954  91.3966 248.8994 15.80682654  2322

BEVO1 is a 12.5 cm cube and 3 kg in mass. The purpose of the mission is to
collect data from NASA's DRAGON GPS receiver.

BEVO1 has two modes, data and beacon. The data mode is on over most parts of
the United States, and the rest of the time, the satellite is in beacon
mode. Also, anyone tracking BEVO1 can record what they hear at
http://paradigm.ae.utexas.edu/opsThe University of Texas also has additional
information at: http://www.utexas.edu/news/2009/06/09/picosatellite/

NASA describes DRAGONSat as an anticipated eight-year program with a launch
of the satellites approximately every two years. The first three missions
will test individual components and subsystems while the final mission will
culminate with the successful docking of two satellites. Refer to
http://tinyurl.com/m2blyc for additional mission information.

The University of Texas at Austin has developed BEVO1 and Texas
A&M University has developed AggieSat-2 for this mission. Both satellites
will perform the initial data acquition testing of the DRAGONSat program.

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