[amsat-bb] Grid-Exposition thanks!

David Gendle dgendle at cfl.rr.com
Thu Jul 30 12:47:33 PDT 2009

I just want to take a moment to thank a number of folks that have 
been adding much enjoyment to my satellite operations lately.

Yesterday I found an envelope in my mailbox with a  bunch of QSLs 
from Jim (ND9M) confirming QSOs in 13 different grid squares with 6 
of them "new ones" for me along the East coast from Delaware to 
Florida.  I recently logged 5 new squares with contacts with Patrick 
(WD9EWK) in AZ and UT.  A few weeks ago I received some QSLs from 
Doug (KD8CAO) providing me some new contacts into upper MI.  In 
addition there has been Gail (KB0RZD) adding to my collection in the 
midwest with many new grids, and John (K8YSE) with his trip to DE 
helping those that needed DE for WAS or just for an additional grid 
worked.  Rob (KD4ZGW) is always "popping up" somewhere in the US and 
always willing to provide a contact to anyone making the trip.  Last 
year Allen (N5AFV) provided me with some great contacts to some very 
wet grid squares while operating /MM from a cruise ship.  There have 
been others which I have missed, but none the less their efforts are 

These guys armed with their laptops, GPS units, handheld antennas, 
radios, and maps take off into remote country and areas to provide us 
with the enjoyment of working a new grid.  Then when they return they 
have to face a pile of QSL requests from folks like me wanting to 
confirm our new contacts.  They spend a lot of time and money with 
nothing in return except the thanks from those of us that have 
benefited from their efforts.

There have been other posts recently publicly thanking these guys but 
I just wanted to chime in and add my thanks for some great contacts 
with some great guys!

I just took a break from writing this note to go work AO-27.  I 
didn't expect much because of the short pass and the fact that it was 
a low pass to the East of me, however, much to my surprise and good 
fortune I made a contact with Dan (KB1RVT) working from FN54!  Thanks 
Dan, you made my day!

Guys, I just want to add my sincere thanks and appreciation to your 
efforts and desire to help enhance the amateur radio hobby for a 
great many of us that enjoy working the "birds"!

I hope someday the conditions will allow me to pack up a radio and 
trek off into some area where I also can provide some contacts in a 
new area and provide some QSLs for others.  However, in the meantime, 
thanks to those of you that are currently   spending time to better 
the hobby for all of us!


Dave - K4DLG

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