[amsat-bb] Re: ANDE-2 Deployment

Iain Young, G7III g7iii at g7iii.net
Wed Jul 29 14:26:59 PDT 2009

g7iii at g7iii.net wrote:

> TX is on 145.825, so any Satgate should pick them up and transfer
> the data to APRS-IS.
> I suppose I should go update my APRS/PCSAT/PCSAT2/ANDE telemetry decoder
> now. Wish I'd realised these were going to be this "open" earlier *mutter*.

And Hmm. With a closer look I just realised that the telemetry is
pure AX.25 rather than APRS. Having said that TELEM appears to be
a legitimate APRS destination address.

However, that would make the first S of SYS the "APRS Data Type
Identifier", which strictly speaking is listed as "Do not use"

Any IGATE authors on here know if their IGATE code is that strict ?
or if it's likely to pass these packets anyhow ? I wonder if the
packet payload length (~142 characters) would prevent the IGATE
s/w passing the packets onto APRS-IS ?



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