[amsat-bb] over simplification

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Wed Jul 29 12:31:08 PDT 2009


I realize my thinking is probably an over simplification.  The Shuttle can pack about 38,000lb to a 51 degree orbit.  Even a 25 Lb satellite would only be about less that one tenth of one percent of that.   With the shuttle going up every few months, we "could" have a bunch of fun birds up there.  Could we not have a few small bucket sized satellites sitting on the shelf ready to go?  Preferably with a sort of L/S band capability, we only have AO-51 that can do that, and that is seldom.  It will be over 100 degree F.  in Seattle today, I have one cool room, with little to do but think about this stuff. 

keeping cool 73 

Bob W7LRD 

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