[amsat-bb] Duplexer / 847 / Preamp Question

harry@gunship.org harry at gunship.org
Mon Jul 27 19:57:44 PDT 2009

I want to use an FT-847 with a mast mounted SSB preamp and a single feedline antenna (Cushcraft A270-10S) that I already have mounted on my tower.
Can I send the DC for the preamp up through the coax and still use a duplexer?
I have checked the continuity of a Comet CF-4160 duplexer and the 1.3-170MHz side appears to be isolated from the 440 side.  Since there is direct continuity on the 1.3-170MHz side of the duplexer I would run the DC for the preamp up that "side."
I really don't want to blow up my 847 by doing something foolish so any thoughts, cautions etc. welcomed.
73 de harry, W6DXO


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