[amsat-bb] Central states VHF conf and suitsat

wb7dru@usfamily.net wb7dru at usfamily.net
Sun Jul 26 23:50:41 PDT 2009

It was very nice meeting Gould this weekend at central States VHF conf in Chicago.  His talk on the hardware was great and seeing the suitless sat hardware in action was great.
I was able to copy the SSTV beacon on my Eee PC netbook after playing with MMTV for awhile.  It did impress those around me in the conference room.
The suitsat platform is impressive.  I can see that a lot of effort has gone into it and its flexablity will aid us on future  birds.  It is something us AMSAT Members can be proud of.

Nice job to Gould and the team!

Burnsville, MN

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