[amsat-bb] Re: NAVSPASUR Fence - Still VHF?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jul 26 20:42:39 PDT 2009

> In doing some historical research,  I came 
> across a tidbit of info about Raytheon being
> awarded a contract in 2002 to convert the 
> NAVSPASUR fence transmitters to s-band.
> Does the system still use 216.98 mhz, or 
> is it strictly s-band now?

This is what I hear second hand..

Airforce who runs all the pin-point Sband radars that can track much smaller objects (...if they konw where to look)... has for years been trying to take over the 218 MHz radar fence (from the navy) so they can get more money and total control of space systems.  THey did get control of the UHF radar several years ago, and threatened to shut it down each year unless they got more money.

Every year, the crew was day-by-day to see if they would get funded again each year.

But then the Chinese shot up their Satellite and created hundreds if not thousands of debris item, that the old (ex navy) radar fence picked up immediately...  while the Airforce had to ask where to point their pin-point radars.

Ha, looks like the Radar Fence got funded for a few more years...


>A related question - given the huge amounts of radiated energy on 216 mhz from the system, has the effects
>of fundamental overload ever been experienced by any of our amateur satellites when "crossing the
>fence"?  If so, could it be a contributing factor to the operational stability of a "marginally operational" satellite,
>such as AO-7?  Would be an interesting observation, if they are still using vhf, that is.
>(Google search terms:  NAVSPASUR)
>Rich, N8UX
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