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Hey Everyone,

Here is a more detailed summary of the K5E Satellite Special Event, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. 
Four operators made contacts over the course of the special event as K5E – AA5PK, K8YSE, N3TL and WA4NVM. We made 338 contacts with 182 different stations.
Those totals do not include two automated responses sent directly to K5E (being operated by N3TL) in response to direct packets sent to RS0ISS-3. The ISS radio confirmed a direct contact and generated its own direct response, but no one was manning the station aboard the ISS. Still, it was pretty cool to get a direct response from the ISS on two different occasions.
Here’s a look at how those 338 contacts occurred:
By Satellite – in descending order:
AO-51: 126
AO-27:   53
SO-50:    51
FO-29:    50
VO-52:   29
AO-7:     28
ISS:            1
By Mode – in descending order:
FM: 230
SSB: 103
CW: 2
Cross Mode (one station used CW, the other used SSB): 2
Packet: 1
K5E logged contacts with stations in 42 states, four Canadian provinces and five additional DX entities.
States: It’s easier to list those K5E did NOT log – Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire and Oklahoma. The other 42 states are in the log.
Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
DX entities:  Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.
Not all of the K5E operators logged the grid squares of the stations they worked. Here, specifically, I refer to myself (N3TL).  It’s safe to say that the operation made contacts with more than 100 grids among the 182 stations. There are 51 grids accounted for just in the states, provinces and DX entities worked. 
73 to all,

Tim - N3TL
K5E - The 40th Anniversiary Apollo 11 Satellte Special Event

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