[amsat-bb] NAVSPASUR Fence - Still VHF?

Rich Dailey richdailey at windstream.net
Sun Jul 26 05:16:52 PDT 2009

In doing some historical research,  I came across a tidbit of info about Raytheon being
awarded a contract in 2002 to convert the NAVSPASUR fence transmitters to s-band.
Does the system still use 216.98 mhz, or is it strictly s-band now?

A related question - given the huge amounts of radiated energy on 216 mhz from the system, has the effects
of fundamental overload ever been experienced by any of our amateur satellites when "crossing the
fence"?  If so, could it be a contributing factor to the operational stability of a "marginally operational" satellite,
such as AO-7?  Would be an interesting observation, if they are still using vhf, that is.

(Google search terms:  NAVSPASUR)

Rich, N8UX

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