[amsat-bb] FX614

Andy Brian briaandy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 04:50:35 PDT 2009


I'm looking for any simple source code in C-language for FX-614 (ax.25
decoder) for undestanding simple ax.25 protocol. I found only few
asm code for PIC16, but c-lanugage is easily to adopt to other microcontrollers.
I tried to connect FX614 IC like in HITSAT
http://www.hit.ac.jp/~satori/hitsat/img/decord.bmp  and read at RX PC
port with rs232 terminal programme,
but I didn't receive any useful frame with  b011111110 start  (like
describet in ). After this I found that all modem using pin CTS on
RS232 port, I don't know how to handle this with
PC to read directy with rs232 RXD port like HEX or binary values to
see raw values of packet frames?
It is possible to read values from FX614 (through max232 ) with PC to
see raw format?

So I'm looking for any simple source code in C to find how to decode
signal from fx614 to microcontrollers port and then to PC

Thanks for your help

all the best Andy

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