[amsat-bb] Re: Rare grid squares?

Bruce kk5do at arrl.net
Wed Jul 22 05:48:34 PDT 2009

Randy not only did WAS in reverse but also VUCC. He had worked from well 
over 100 different grids. I have not talked with him in a few years.


On 7/22/2009 7:40 AM, Jeff KB2M wrote:
>   Randy's call is now wi7p. I haven't heard Randy on the bird's since 2006, I
> hope he is doing ok. The thing I remember most about Randy is that he
> completed (to the my best of my knowledge) WAS in reverse. Another words he
> worked someone on a satellite FROM every state! I thought that was quite an
> accomplishment. He would travel somewhere for work and make sat contacts
> from as many states as he could drive too while he was in that general area.
> I remember him discussing this activity while we were having dinner at the
> AMSAT symposium banquet in 2000 in Maine. There was another person involved
> in doing this also, but I now forget who it was.
> 73 Jeff kb2m
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> DXers produce list of desired countries.  Six meter operators have compiled
> such a list of grid squares, I suspect our list would be similar.  If you
> have not read about the Fred Fish (w5ff) award, it is interesting.  I think
> Randy, n7sfi is probably our Fred Fish as I don't know of anyone else who
> has all of the grids touched by the lower 48 states.
> I would like to see two lists; one for Grids and one for States.  Satellite
> operations should make for an easy WAS, but I know it took me way longer
> than I thought it should have.
> A few years ago to spark interest QRP-L had a one state per weekend deal for
> QRP ops.  Maybe we should do a one state a weekend for satellite ops?
> Anyway... I would be willing to help with such a project.  I think a good
> starting point might be a web site where folks could report what they have
> or have not worked.  It might even be enough to get me to update my grid
> list :-)
> 73,
> Joe kk0sd
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> What are considered "rare" grid squares for satellite ops?
> Maybe more of us could activate them, if we only knew where they were.....
> George, KA3HSW
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