[amsat-bb] Re: Rare grid squares?

Jeff KB2M kb2m at comcast.net
Wed Jul 22 05:40:31 PDT 2009

 Randy's call is now wi7p. I haven't heard Randy on the bird's since 2006, I
hope he is doing ok. The thing I remember most about Randy is that he
completed (to the my best of my knowledge) WAS in reverse. Another words he
worked someone on a satellite FROM every state! I thought that was quite an
accomplishment. He would travel somewhere for work and make sat contacts
from as many states as he could drive too while he was in that general area.
I remember him discussing this activity while we were having dinner at the
AMSAT symposium banquet in 2000 in Maine. There was another person involved
in doing this also, but I now forget who it was.

73 Jeff kb2m

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DXers produce list of desired countries.  Six meter operators have compiled
such a list of grid squares, I suspect our list would be similar.  If you
have not read about the Fred Fish (w5ff) award, it is interesting.  I think
Randy, n7sfi is probably our Fred Fish as I don't know of anyone else who
has all of the grids touched by the lower 48 states.

I would like to see two lists; one for Grids and one for States.  Satellite
operations should make for an easy WAS, but I know it took me way longer
than I thought it should have.

A few years ago to spark interest QRP-L had a one state per weekend deal for
QRP ops.  Maybe we should do a one state a weekend for satellite ops?

Anyway... I would be willing to help with such a project.  I think a good
starting point might be a web site where folks could report what they have
or have not worked.  It might even be enough to get me to update my grid
list :-) 

Joe kk0sd

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What are considered "rare" grid squares for satellite ops?

Maybe more of us could activate them, if we only knew where they were.....

George, KA3HSW

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