[amsat-bb] Re: Evidence of moon landings....!

STeve Andre' andres at msu.edu
Tue Jul 21 09:36:25 PDT 2009

On Tuesday 21 July 2009 02:52:08 Edward Cole wrote:
> >LeRoy,
> >
> >I'm not sure how you can have a source other than NASA, other than two
> > hams who made independant recordings of Apollo transmissions.  In 1971
> > (summer issue) a QST article talks of Dick Knadle(sp?) KRIW who got some,
> > and another ham, I believe W4HHK received signals as well.
> >
> >I'd also bet the Russian space agency has stuff.
> >
> >Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you have questions about any
> >"fakery" of moon landings, find the Myth Busters TV show.  They did a
> > *really* good job of debunking several myths about how things were faked.
> >
> >I do not find this discussion OT for Amsat-bb, because this affects us. 
> > It erodes the effort of tens of thousands of technical people, and has
> > ripple effects for the USA, far beyond the original topic.
> >
> >--STeve Andre'
> >wb8wsf  en82
> Steve you can add my witness of the Lunar orbiter signal on S-band
> received on a ten foot comm dish that my supervisor with JPL set up
> in his yard using a diode mixer and a microwave signal generator for
> LO.  The signal exhibited expected Doppler shift and every 20-minutes
> or so it dropped out (occulted by the Moon as the orbiter orbited
> behind).  This was not Apollo-11 but one of the other missions
> afterward, to memory (long time ago - 1971).  We both worked at
> Goldstone tracking facility back then.  We only detected the carrier
> since the dish was insufficient size for recovering the modulated signal.
> 73, Ed - KL7UW (then K8MWA/K6)

Wow...  I have never talked with someone who heard "raw" signals from
Apollo before.  It must have been an amazing experience.  So not quite
enough to decode it, but enough to get the carrier.  I'm sure noise has
never been as exciting, before or since. ;-)

Thanks for this.

--STeve Andre'
wb8wsf  en82

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