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An example of this would be WB4APR, who uses Amateur Radio to teach
satellites to the midshipmen at Annapolis.

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97.113 (5) (c) A control operator may accept compensation as an incident
a teaching position during periods of time when an amateur station is
by that teacher as part of classroom instruction at an educational 



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>>> Related to Q2 & Q5 (compensation):
>>> * As university staff, can I transmit to the CubeSat, or is my
>>> salary considered compensation?
>>> * Is the refurbishment of a club ground station (man hours,
>>> equipment repair/purchase) considered compensation?
> These are very important questions.  I think it is also
> important that we have a shared understanding of the answers,
> rather than private opinions.
> I suggest that the researcher also approach the ARRL for an
> opinion.  My suspicion is that AMSAT and the ARRL will provide
> conservative (and unofficial) answers to these questions.  It
> is much safer to say "no, that's prohibited" than "yes".
> In my view, this may be a question that we want to approach
> the FCC with.  I suspect that, if the question is properly
> framed, the FCC might be more inclined to find this acceptable
> than either AMSAT or the ARRL.
> -tjs
> Clint Bradford wrote:
>> Can an AMSAT officer please privately reply to me regarding this
>> inquiry? Many thanks.
>> A gentleman is considering a CubeSat mission for weather research,
>> needs answers to his inquiry after reading the AMSAT FAQ regarding
>> using ham frequencies ...
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