[amsat-bb] Re: Evidence of moon landings....!

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Mon Jul 20 23:52:08 PDT 2009

>I'm not sure how you can have a source other than NASA, other than two hams
>who made independant recordings of Apollo transmissions.  In 1971 (summer
>issue) a QST article talks of Dick Knadle(sp?) KRIW who got some, and another
>ham, I believe W4HHK received signals as well.
>I'd also bet the Russian space agency has stuff.
>Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you have questions about any
>"fakery" of moon landings, find the Myth Busters TV show.  They did a *really*
>good job of debunking several myths about how things were faked.
>I do not find this discussion OT for Amsat-bb, because this affects us.  It
>erodes the effort of tens of thousands of technical people, and has ripple
>effects for the USA, far beyond the original topic.
>--STeve Andre'
>wb8wsf  en82
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Steve you can add my witness of the Lunar orbiter signal on S-band 
received on a ten foot comm dish that my supervisor with JPL set up 
in his yard using a diode mixer and a microwave signal generator for 
LO.  The signal exhibited expected Doppler shift and every 20-minutes 
or so it dropped out (occulted by the Moon as the orbiter orbited 
behind).  This was not Apollo-11 but one of the other missions 
afterward, to memory (long time ago - 1971).  We both worked at 
Goldstone tracking facility back then.  We only detected the carrier 
since the dish was insufficient size for recovering the modulated signal.

73, Ed - KL7UW (then K8MWA/K6) 

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