[amsat-bb] Evidence of moon landings....!

Darin Cowan yet.another.squid at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 16:17:01 PDT 2009

Which is more reasonable:

1. That a 40 year grand conspiracy involving literally thousands of people
from multiple, antagonistic countries, could pull off and maintain the
illusion that nobody has walked on the moon.  Recognizing that the Soviet
Union and China both would have benefitted greatly for exposing such fakery,
and recognizing that the US government by itself - let alone all the other
people, organizations, and governments that have a stake in it - can't keep
even a little secret like "I went to Argentina to get a piece on the side".
Recognizing all the photographs, the rocks, the satellites, the orbiters,
the explosion of technology and so forth.  Recognizing that the governments
in question have been unable, in the same time period, to keep their leaders
from being shot at by simple lunatics, and that those governments haven't
even been able to construct a convincing lie about WMD in the middle-east:
something that really, everyone would believe with little effort?


2. That men have actually been on the moon as reported?

The whole idea that the moon landings were faked is, quite simply,
weapons-grade stupid.  It flies in the face of logic and reason.  No
moon-conspiracy theorist has ever been able to produce a shred of evidence
that anything has been faked... a task that should be INCREDIBLY easy given
the number of people that have to be involved to this day.  Scientists, on
the other hand have produced photos, rocks, and mountains of other evidence,
not the least of which is the dozen people who have actually been there, a
good many of which are still walking around.  

People who still tout this moon-landing-fake conspiracy are nutters, plain
and simple.  There are many places I'd expect to find woo-woo conspiracy
believers, but never on the AMSAT list.

Can we please put this issue to bed and go back to satellites and radio now.


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