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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 20 13:12:24 PDT 2009

> In my view, this may be a question that 
> we want to approach the FCC with.  I 
> suspect that, if the question is properly
> framed, the FCC might be more inclined to 
> find this acceptable than either AMSAT or 
> the ARRL.

Sheer lunacy!  Never approach the FCC with any question that
requires an intelligent, engineered or meaningful answer, or one
with our considered best interest at heart.  In most cases,
there is no substantial engineering or technically competent
personnel left at the FCC, it is just a bureaucratic institution
that sells off spectrum to the highest bidder!  Just read the up
front column in this months QST to see how the FCC completely
and dishonestly bent to the wishes of the big corporations
trying to get BPL launched without regard to any technical

There are probably very few people at the FCC that give a hoot
about such nitpicking in the Amateur Service.  But I can
guarantee you one thing, asking a stupid question to a
bureaucratic organization is a sure way to get a stupid answer.
Bureaucrats respond to the path of least resistance like most
people.  Put a queation on their desk, and the easiest answer is
always NO.

Never ever ask the FCC or any other bureaucratic organization
for an "opinion".  Wait till they ASK YOU.  Otherwise they could
care less.  And they are happy to have yet another silly
question out of their in basket.

We are self regulating as much as possible.  Keep it that way,
unless you want to loose everything we have bit, by stupid
question, bit...

Bob, Wb4APR

> -tjs
> Clint Bradford wrote:
> > Can an AMSAT officer please privately reply to me regarding 
> this email  
> > inquiry? Many thanks.
> > 
> > A gentleman is considering a CubeSat mission for weather 
> research, and  
> > needs answers to his inquiry after reading the AMSAT FAQ
> > using ham frequencies ...
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