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It wouldn't be as hard to hoax something like that at all - 

And yes - I know what I am going to say will make people think that I got the idea from a movie. I did not.  

But the movie Capricorn One (Which was made late 70s early 80s I believe) is a movie about a manned program to mars - the program had problems and it was decided to rather then have it fail - Nasa would fake it - there were problems of course with faking it as well - namely the astronauts where going to play along until the space craft ended up being destroyed because of the heat shield - so the astronauts had to be killed.  Anyways, total fiction - I know it I understand. But in the movie - key personnel in Nasa knew about the hoax - knew what was going on and miss directed the underlings - at one point - a man working in control runs and program on his own - saying the messages couldn't be coming from mars the signals were too close - the director (who is in on the hoax) asks which console he is on - and then states oh yes we have been having problems with that console - the next day the worker is assigned a different job - but will not let well enough alone - speaks to a reported (movie remember) - and is then eliminated - 

Point is - if only the high up know about the hoax and the miss-direction - then a hoax on a massive scale can be pulled off -

Now - as I said in one of my other posts - I still have questions -  but the gentleman who has been emailing me has made me think a little more on what was going on.

Is it a hoax? I don't know I said that before. 
I would like to think not, but I still have questions about it. 
Did I just give you a movie plot for me reasons it could have been - Yes and I fully realize it was a movie plot. And therefore not anyway real life. Just interesting
 That is all I am saying. Here - I don't like the idea of all the information coming from one source - more sources are needed. 
I am open to the possibility I am wrong - I just want to see prove from a source other then Nasa


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Explain me this,,For something as big as NASA to be a hoax there would 
be 10s of thousands of people in on it for 50+ years. and not one of 
them has talked? Thats unbelivable. Take crop circles, which is a fairly 
obvious hoax, there was 2 old drunks in england doing them and they 
talked about it and showed how they did them after just a couple of 
years. Yet there are people who actually still think that flying saucers 
are making them.

William Leijenaar wrote:

>The news is full again of the moon landings, where NASA claims to have new evidence, which makes me laugh again. I have the same idea like LeRoy, KD8BXP. When the information is only from one source it is not reliable at all, every scientist should know. 
>This doesn't mean that I state no man has been on the moon, for me it is just not clear.
>I would like to see pictures from another nations satellite, in higher resolution. I believe we will soon know, as there are several countries wanting to go to the moon. I am looking forward to their pictures and the state of the equipment left on the moon, in case the landings were no film studio work :o)
>For the moment I keep it more close to the earth with my small transponder work,
>Maybe in the future there will be a chance to have a moon-ponder :o)
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