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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 20 05:33:02 PDT 2009

It sad...  These moon deniers are just continuing evidence of
the gowing ignorance coming out of our education system.  

They just believe anything that some smooth talking talk show
personality puts out there.  Since they can't make sense of the
real world through knowledge and learning and education, they
grab onto to crazy ideas of others so that they have some sense
of belonging to a community of like minded people.

There was a report last week about more than 50% of high school
graduates in Maryland have to take remedial math before they can
begin their college education.  And we are not talking about
high math, they can't even do basic math like multiply 7 x 9.
There is no value to arguing with these people or bringing them
fact, because they lack basic fundamentals of science and
physics on which to build understanding.

Witness the the growth of "belief" based knowledge as opposed to
science based knowldedge.  And attempts to make them equal...

I fear for our future.


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> William Leijenaar wrote:
> > The news is full again of the moon landings, where NASA 
> claims to have new evidence, which makes me laugh again. I 
> have the same idea like LeRoy, KD8BXP. When the information 
> is only from one source it is not reliable at all, every 
> scientist should know. 
> >  
> > This doesn't mean that I state no man has been on the moon, 
> for me it is just not clear.
> William:
> If one is truly skeptical of the truth of NASA's claims to 
> have landed 
> men on the moon and brought them back to earth safely, then 
> it is only 
> natural to claim that nothing that NASA says will be accepted 
> as proof 
> of having accomplished the deed. The only thing that NASA
could do to 
> convince a true skeptic is to land that person on the moon and
> them home again. (Wouldn't that be a treat?)
> On the other hand, we should be clear that NASA is *NOT* 
> claiming that 
> these pictures are "evidence that they really were there".
They are 
> (rightly) very proud of the extreme resolution of the pictures
> from the new Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), and wanted to
> off" how good the pictures are. Of course, they chose to 
> image targets 
> that would pique the interest of as many folks as possible.
For that 
> reason, choosing to show photographs of the moon landing sites
> fulfills the criterion of generating lots of interest.
> You are certainly entitled to your disbelief. But attributing
> photos to a claim by NASA as evidence of the moon landings is 
> a little 
> bit too negative for my taste. I think that they are fully 
> aware of the 
> fact that any "proof" they could provide would be discounted
by the 
> skeptics because of its source. The web pages I saw never 
> said anything 
> about offering proof of prior successful landings on the 
> moon. They are 
> simply "showing off" their latest interesting photos.
> By the way, do you also believe that all of the fantastic 
> pictures from 
> the Hubble Space Telescope were created in Photoshop instead
of being 
> real images of far away space objects? Oh, sorry, that's a bit

> off-topic, and only a rhetorical question. No need to reply to
> > I would like to see pictures from another nations 
> satellite, in higher resolution. I believe we will soon know, 
> as there are several countries wanting to go to the moon. I 
> am looking forward to their pictures and the state of the 
> equipment left on the moon, in case the landings were no film 
> studio work :o)
> I, too, would welcome more pictures! (See, it really is an 
> interesting 
> target to photograph!)
> > For the moment I keep it more close to the earth with my 
> small transponder work,
> The AMSAT community is indeed highly indebted to you for your 
> hard work 
> in this area. Thank you very much for your efforts in making
> linear transponders for satellites.
> > Maybe in the future there will be a chance to have a
moon-ponder :o)
> Maybe, and maybe not. But if no one ever dreams of it, it 
> will certainly 
> never come to pass. Wanting to take the journey is the very
first of 
> many, many steps in the journey, but one that is not optional
if the 
> journey is ever going to be undertaken.
> 73 de WØJT
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