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There were actually 2 balloons with APRS beacons.
The ATV video package did not make these launches.

W9YJ-11, was launched first and supposedly reached ~ 100,000 feet
Landed near the town of Bronson, IL
I heard stations on the cross-band repeater from Fond DuLac, WI; Toledo, OH
when it was around 50,000 feet.

N9QGS-11 was launched second and lost its GPS data stream above 50,000 feet 
(just East of Royal, IL).
It did recover its latitude/longitude and direction about 20 minutes later 
(near Oakwood, IL and I-74), but never its altitude.
Landed south of Catlin, IL

I have MS Power Point slides of the OpenAPRS.net APRS tracks for both 

You can go to OpenAPRS.net, enter the SSID for each balloon and request data 
over past 2 days.
That will show you the actual tracks.

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> I listened for the W9JY-11 balloon on APRS, and for the 446.025 crossband 
> repeater, and heard nothing...  did it actually go up yesterday?
> George, KA3HSW
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>>I have been tracking balloons (SpaceJam-3) today .... so I was just 
>> to read my USPS mail.   :-)
>> Thanks for prompt reply.
>> Greg
>> w9gb

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