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I really wanted to have an open mind about this but Just as I had figured - the picture was too grainy to make out any details, the picture was taken by a US rocket which means Nasa - and it happend to be at the same time the "real" landing took place.  Come on now, if Nasa is feeding you the only information about this and controls what pictures are released. Just how true do you think this is.

Grainy photos, Nasa rockets and Nasa control are not edviance of anything

Just my 2 cents. - and oh btw I never said we didn't goto the moon, just that a man Never walked on the moon. There is a hugh difference.  
I want edviance from a source other then a US rocket under Nasa control. 

And yes, I am only 38 yrs old, so I wasn't around for Apollo 11 and pretty young for the rest of the missions - I do remember seeing the TV footage. But I don't remember much else about.  Show me hard edviance that it happend I and I will be happy.  

They can't because it was staged. 

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......but there again, the BBC could also be in on this supposed 

See for yourself <http://foxyurl.com/oUk>.



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