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Jeff KB2M kb2m at comcast.net
Fri Jul 17 10:36:41 PDT 2009

Of course David, you are correct. The birdie is at 436.800. That will teach
me to not proof read before hitting the enter key. Thanks for the

73 Jeff kb2m

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Are you mistaken?  I don't think the TS2000 has a birdie at 145.800MHz.

It does have one at 436.800MHz.

I would agree with your other comments.


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I don't think the 910 or the 847 has any birdies in the sat frequencies. It
anyone finds any I would like to know. It is a shame about the 2000, it is a
much better HF TXR then the 847, but the birdie at 145800 is the satellite
use show stopper. I have all three here in the shack, and a blackbox 2000 as
my HF mobile. The only one I purchased new was the 847 in 1998 or so. The
910, and 2000's were picked up used at a very good price, the good deals are
there if your patient. I  would recommend a used 847 over the 2000. The
money saved over a new TS-2000 purchase can be used to buy a better HF
performing rig then the 2000. My 2 cents.


73 Jeff kb2m

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