[amsat-bb] K5E UPDATE – 16 July, 2009 – 16:45 UTC

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Thu Jul 16 09:49:55 PDT 2009

UPDATE – 16 July, 2009 – 16:45 UTC
The K5E special event operation is off to a good start, with contacts in the log on four different amateur satellites – AO-7, FO-29, SO-50 and VO-52. 
In an attempt to cover as much of North America as possible, three operators have volunteered to assist in the K5E Satellite Special Event.  They will ID, per information I received from ARRL, as:
Contacts with these stations are valid to claim a Special Event QSL. Please send ALL requests for QSL to N3TL, and please include an SASE.
Operating Schedules:  Here are the operating schedules for these stations. I will post updates as necessary:
AA5PK/K5E will operate the following 10 passes (times noted are mid-pass for his location):
2009-07-17 01:03:08 ECHO (AO-51)         
2009-07-17 02:27:24 OSCAR 7 (AO-7)       
2009-07-18 01:27:23 OSCAR 7 (AO-7)      
2009-07-18 02:03:03 ECHO (AO-51)         
2009-07-18 22:24:59 EYESAT-1 (AO-27)     
2009-07-19 01:23:22 ECHO (AO-51)         
2009-07-19 02:20:31 OSCAR 7 (AO-7)       
2009-07-19 16:41:05 JAS-2 (FO-29)        
2009-07-19 21:56:23 EYESAT-1 (AO-27)     
2009-07-20 00:43:51 ECHO (AO-51) 
On the passes above, AA5PK/K5E will be the ONLY K5E Special Event Station.
K8YSE/K5E will operate from the morning of July 21st through 0359 UTC on July 22nd as the ONLY K5E Special Event Station active.
WA4NVM/K5E Will operate form the morning of July 22nd through 0359 UTC on July 23rd as the ONLY K5E Special Event Station active.
NOTE TO ALL: Only 1 QSL card will be issued per valid amateur call sign.  Multiple contacts on the SSB/CW satellites (AO-7, FO-29 and VO-52) shouldn’t be a big deal because those satellites aren’t too busy – but the 1 QSL per call rule still applies. Especially on the FM satellites (AO-27, AO-51 and SO-50), please only one contact (all three satellites combined, not per satellite). This will enable the K5E and /K5E stations to work as many as possible. Thank you!
I will post additional updates as warranted, and also will update www.qrz.com/k5e. Please see that Web page for full details on the special event.

73 to all,
Tim – N3TL
K5E – The 40th Anniversary Apollo 11 Satellite Special Event

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