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Thanks to all who have replied to my message concerning switching polarity. I think I understand it now, somewhat ! While in Las Vegas yesterday, stopped at AES and picked up the Satellite Handbook by ARRL, and that gave a good description of it and other items I need to learn also. Thanks again to all. 

John W6ZKH 

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I recently obtained a pair of KLM yagi's for satellite work. They both have the KLM polarity switching box mounted and wired up. Since I havent put them up yet, and not well versed in the subject, I got out my ohm meter just to see what was what on this item. I noticed that both driven elements have continuty to the center pin of the coax at the same time. I was under the impression that the relay switched back and forth the driven elements to give either RH or LH polarity. I havent applied the 12 volts to the box yet to check that out, but was just curious. One thing I have noticed while using the downlink yagi is that I get very little fade due to polarity when I turn the antenna. I hope that is a good thing?? I havent checked the uplink yagi to see if it has the same results. 

I hope someone can enlighten me abit. 

73 de John W6ZKH 

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