[amsat-bb] Solar Eclipse 22nd July

Masahiro Arai m-arai at a.email.ne.jp
Wed Jul 15 08:01:20 PDT 2009

Solar eclipse is visible at Asia and Pacific on 22nd July. Very
limited area is able to see total solar eclipse.
Many amateur satellites pass above the solar eclipse area. Electric
power generated by solar cells will show very interesting behavior
under solar eclipse. How about collecting telemetry and ploting solar
cell power condition? Temperature may also show interesting look.

I checked the telemetry transmitting satellite orbit around Japan. The
following satellites pass above solar eclipse area.
  COMPASS-1, FO-29, CO-66, CO-58, DO-64, STARS, PRISM, SOHLA-1, AO-27,
There is something to be said for DO-64 condition. Will DO-64 stop
transmitting telemetry under the solar eclipse?
If AO-27 store telemetry as WOD, WOD shows complete solar eclipse

Let's try to collect telemtry under solar eclipse!

solar eclipse info

Masa  JN1GKZ    Tokyo  Japan

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