[amsat-bb] Antennas: How High?

harry@gunship.org harry at gunship.org
Sat Jul 11 13:19:25 PDT 2009

I want to upgrade from my hand held Arrow to something permanently mounted outside with and Ele/ Az rotor.
I have a single story home with roof peak at about 22 feet.  I can easily mount a 10' - 20' mast directly outside the shack anchored in concrete and bolted to my roof eaves.
If I use two  masts sections I will get a net height of about 17' which means I will be "looking" through my roof on the lower easterly orientated passes.  Gaining the additional height to completely clear the roof line will be increasingly problematic.  How much should I be concerned about this, etc?
I'd like some real world feedback / suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
73 de harry, W6DXO

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