[amsat-bb] Re: PacComm information for PSK-1 and PSK-1T

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 09:23:33 PDT 2009

Hi Greg,

To get me going can some one  please send the pin out for the radio 8
pin DIN for the DFM TNC.

Thanks de John K0CQW

Um..back to the question John asked--it was about the 8pin DIN on the
DFM, not the PSK unit.  The DFN TNC doesn't appear to have a mini-DIN,
so, that's why  I didn't think the mini-DIN answer was what he was
looking for :)


Excellent information, history and details, though, Greg!  Thanks!
In the shack I have a couple each of the PSK-1 and PSK-1T units, and
manuals.  The PSK-1T with the built in TNC is really slick (the "T"
designates the built in TNC, no disconnect header hookup needed!)

Hopefully the chatter will help John get his stuff going--but I think
he STILL needs the 8pin DIN info for the DFN....my hunch is that it's
the Paccomm "standard" pinout for hooking up the tx audio/rx
audio/PTT/GRND, but I can't confirm.


Mark N8MH

>> John -- I think Greg means the 8-pin DIN, not the mini-DIN ....
No.  The PSK-1 RS-232 port to the Computer is J10, which is a mini-8 DIN on
rear panel.
I am looking at the back panel of my PSK-1 here in workbench!

The PSK-1 also has 8-pin DIN (J2) for the TNC Modem Connection (via 20-pin TAPR
disconnect header on Tiny-2 or TAPR TNC-2);
and three 5-pin DIN connections: TNC Radio Connection (J4); VHF Radio (J1); UHF
Radio (J3) ---
the separate VHF and UHF radio connections were useful for the Icom VHF/UHF
radios (271/471; 275/475) of that era.

The PSK-1 and PSK-1T modems do have different rear panel connector types!
LOOK at the REAR PANEL (eBay auction # 320392587069 has a rear panel photo)
On the PSK-1T, there is an 8-pin Mini-DIN marked CONTROL (RS-232), I assume
that Gywn kept the pin out the same as the PSK-1
and would connect this to a PC serial port (RS-232) that is running a terminal
emulation or control program.
To the left is a Male DB-9 marked PACKET (RS-232) ... A manual for the PSK-1T
will confirm its usage/connections.

As I remember, and W3IO probably has a better memory, PacComm introduced the
PSK-1 for the PacSats launched at that time.
Later, Gywn reintroduced the PSK-1T with some updates and suggested
I first saw a PSK-1T at the 1995 AMSAT meeting in Orlando (1995) --- shown in
preparation for AO-40.

>> Greg -- You apparently outbid me for these items on eBay, assuming you
>recently obtained them  ;-) )
>> I've been using it to command AO-16...     I don't know about the DFM unit,
>other than I think it is
>> probably 1200 and 9600 baud capable.

Mark, I was watching that eBay auction (# 320392587069), but did not bid on
these items -- I already have one!
There were two PacComm PSK-1 and DFM TNC combinations for sale on QRZ a couple
of weeks ago at $35 per set or $50 for both (great deal)!
Yes, the DFM permits usage at 9600 AFSK (which one of the satellites did


Mark L. Hammond [N8MH]

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