[amsat-bb] K5E - The 40th Anniversary Apollo 11 Satellite Special Event

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Sat Jul 11 06:55:27 PDT 2009

Hey everyone,
The special call sign K5E will go active on AO-7 at 13:32 UTC on July 16, 2009, and will remain active on the FM and CW/SSB satellites, NO-44 (if operational) and the ISS in packet or voice (if either system is active) through 16:50 UTC on July 24, 2009. 
Those dates and times coincide with the duration of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, which began 40 years ago next Thursday (July 16). K5E seemed the perfect choice for a special event call sign to celebrate the 40th anniversary of “one small step for man … one giant leap for mankind.”
K - the 11th letter of the alphabet.
5 - the call district of Houston, location of Apollo 11 Mission Control.
E - Eagle, the Apollo 11 lunar module.
On passes I work using the special call sign, I will ID as “Kilo 5 Eagle.”
Glade Schroeter, WA3MVQ, is donating high-quality full-color QSL cards, which will be used to confirm all contacts with K5E. Stations wishing to confirm will send their request to me with an SASE. The card will be standard QSL size. I encourage any of you who need QSL cards now or in the future to visit Glade’s Web site at www.gggraphicsstore.com.  I custom-designed the card, which features the Apollo 11 crew patch and a collage of photos representing highlights of the full mission, from liftoff to splashdown. I will have a lo-res copy of the card front posted to my QRZ.com page no later than Monday.
Work K5E one time to claim a special QSL card. There will be no endorsements of any kind, and only one QSL will be issued per valid amateur call sign. Remember, WA3MVQ is donating these high-quality cards. 
This special event and operation will occur ONLY on the amateur satellites. Another group has organized the Echoes of Apollo program and will have a number of HF stations on the air during the weekend of July 20th, the date of the lunar landing. They also held a special EME event over Field Day weekend.
I have no interest in creating any animosity with the Echoes of Apollo group. I’m just interested in giving us satellite operators the chance to celebrate the Apollo 11 mission and its 40th Anniversary. I hope as many of you as possible will join me.
I may contact some other operators around the U.S. and ask them to work a pass or two over the 9-day operation using K5E so we can cover as much ground as possible. 
Also, please note that the Canada Museum of Science and Technology will operate as VE3MOON from July 14-27, per a post earlier today to the AMSAT-BB
Thanks in advance to all.

Tim – N3TL
K5E – The 40th Anniversary Apollo 11 Satellite Special Event

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