[amsat-bb] Re: Paccomm information

Greg Beat gregory.beat at comcast.net
Sat Jul 11 04:03:44 PDT 2009

John -

That is the easy question.
When Gywn Reedy, W1BEL (sk) and others set the specifications for the external contractor build of the PacComm PSK-1, 
they elected to use a common pin assignment/cable (late 1980s/early 1990s) for the 8-pin mini-DIN (rear panel of PSK-1) 
to the RS-232 (DB-9) on your computer.

The cable for usage between an Apple computer and an Apple LaserWriter (serial port).
I picked up a PacComm PSK-1 in May, replaced a blown capacitor on the 7805 regulator input and
built this serial cable for connection to my personal computer's serial port.
IF PacComm no longer sells this cable (you have to send an e-mail request to Linda), then any good Apple
dealer or cable supplier should have this cable in their inventory for less than $25.

From: "johne tds.net"
Subject: [amsat-bb]  Paccomm information

Hi I was wondering if some one  has any manuals for the DFM TNC and
the PSK-1 or the the PSK-1+?

To get me going can some one  please send the pin out for the radio 8
pin DIN for the DFM TNC.

Thanks de John K0CQW

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