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Jean-François Ménard jf.va2ss at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 09:07:26 PDT 2009

Thank Patrick for this precious information. I will try it for sure !!

The E71 has a real GPS in it. When I mean real, it uses satellite to 
find the location... you can also see the satellite status in the 
phone... when no satelites are available, it uses the assisted gps from 
the cellular network provider.

I let you know..

Best 73


Patrick STODDARD a écrit :
> Bonjour, Jean-Francois!
>> Anybody know a "pocket satellite" prediction software, like pSatellite
>> for Palm OS..... but I need it running on my Nokia E71 using Symbian OS
>> S60 3rd series plateform.
>> Can't fin anything at this moment, but could be very useful. Since this
>> phone has a "real" GPS build in, the time clock could be accurate for
>> such "mobile" prediction. Hi!
> I have a Nokia N85 with the same version of the Symbian S60 OS.  If
> your phone has Java, you can try the SATme program from:
> http://www.k0sm.com/_mgxroot/page_10732.html
> Without registering the program, you would have to enter your QTH
> and manually load a keps file on your phone whenever you run the
> program.  With registration, the program can access the Internet to
> update the keps and keep your QTH.  There is a function in the
> program that is supposed to get your location from the phone's GPS.
> Otherwise, you can manually enter a location (or two locations, to
> calculate mutual visibility for a given satellite) and use that.
> My phone has a GPS, but it is considered an "assisted" GPS, since
> it has to access the Internet in order to work properly.  When it works,
> it can be very accurate - Google Maps is great with this phone.  If I
> need a real GPS, I can use a Garmin GPS instead of trying to mess
> with the phone.
> Good luck and 73!
> Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix AZ
> http://www.wd9ewk.net/

Jean-François Ménard

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