[amsat-bb] Predict For Mac

Howard Kowall hkowall at shaw.ca
Fri Jul 10 06:39:54 PDT 2009

Hello to all
Well I finally got  my Mac running with new OS installed( OS X 10.3.9)
I am not a real big Mac user,and I want to install Predict on it for Sat tracking.I did post a message awhile ago on this board but had to reinstall the new OS,so I apologize for not responding.
I have download Predict for Linux.Here is where the problem starts,I could use some assistance on getting it compiled and running.
Like I said I am not a big Mac user and a little insure as to what I need and where to get it.If someone out there can assist me a little in a step by step process it would help me very much.I guess it would be wise to email me direct at hkowall at shaw.ca so as not to tie up the board with my question and save me some embarrassment.
Thank You very much for all who respond or read this post

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