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I was the one the kind of threw the pagers out there "idea" I know I am not the only one and not the frist.  I myself had questions as to the legality of it - as I understood part 97 it sends mixed signals as to weather or not it is legal -

My basic problem was in useing it as a personal pager - there is a ham in MI use has them linked to aprs and packet - he says that if a ham (how did he put it). Starts the personal page to someone it is fine - but if it is an automated thing then it is not
I asked him which part of part 97 he claims because it is digital

I think part 97 is vauge and vauge for a reason. My as I see it from a part 97 "legal" point of view setting a personal cap code probably would be pushing your luck
However if you setup each pager with the same capcodes and send national and local emergancy and dx cluster reports and other things of interest to everyone it is probably legal as digital telemetery 

I wrote a blog about it - http://73s.org/kd8bxp (the blog that says something like I have an idea but is it legal).  

>From the other post on this BB I see I am not the only one who is interested in something like this
Maybe we can get everyone who is interested in a chat room or skype conferance call or echolink or something and fire off ideas to each other - maybe even get a paper written up for "offical submittion" to the fcc for clarification

Also feel free to look me up on my site http://www.HamOhio.com. Or follow me on twitter.com/kd8bxp

I see this was not an orignal idea but I do think it is an idea who's time has come and needs to be worked on

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Bob Bruninga wrote:

> Using paging devices on Amateur Radio is perfectly legal like any
> other radio.  It all boils down to use.  If you use it for setting up
> a one-way systemm for a pizza delivery service, it is clearly
> illegal.  If you use it as part of your overall local communications
> network of amateur radio volunters it is just one more tool in the
> tool box.


We had this discussion a while back on APRSSIG (I know, I started it!)
Unfortunately, the way Part 97 currently reads is that most pager
transmissions to an individual are illegal under §97.111(b), as it is a
"one way" transmission that, in most cases, would not qualify under the
"legal" list.

> You just have to ignore the curmudgeons who have nothing better to do
> than nit-picking ways to prevent other hams from developing useful
> applications of technology.  A pager is simply the text-to-user
> device integrated into the normal local 2-way amateur radio
> communications system.

I hardly consider myself a curmudgeon. I'd *love* to set up a local
pager network in the way you describe. The issue is that, according to
Part 97, it can't be used beyond QSTs, telemetry, or "necessary"
emergency communications. Could I get away with setting up such a
system? Likely. Do I foot to stand on when my local OO comes knocking?
Not so much.

> An amateur satellite would make a great downlink to these pagers.
> Again, the goal should simply be, any message, any time, anywhere
> using any device to any user by callsign alone.

This would be great. Can someone please seek a clarification or
modification of the rules from the FCC to allow this?


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