[amsat-bb] Re: controller and Rotator help

Bill Howell bhowell at mail.utexas.edu
Sat Jul 4 20:02:30 PDT 2009


My antennas/rotor are disassembled right now, as we are trying to  
sell the house.
When it was all together, I used an older version of MacDoppler Pro,  
a Mac G4 tower with a serial card,
and an Endeavour Auto Tracker ( http://endeavour-usa.com/ 
autotracker.htm ) driving a Yaesu 5400 rotor.
The system worked FB.

Had I to do it over, I might not choose the Endeavour interface unit.  
It requires a serial port
on the Mac, and I'm not sure if a serial-to USB converter would work  
right with it
(an Imac, for instance, has no provision for a serial card).

MacDoppler is an excellent program with great support.
The 5400 was purchased used and has been up on my roof for a number  
of years with no problems.

A friend of mine (who may not subscribe to this list) is using a Mac,  
MacDoppler and a Yaesu 5400.
I will email him and see what he is using for an interface unit (I  
think his Mac is USB-only), and let you know.

Bill Howell N5AB

On Jul 4, 2009, at 8:12 PM, myles landstein wrote:

> Since no one has  replied  thought  I might give it another  try,
> while perhaps not many  are familiar with MacDoppler software,  I
> hope  some would  be  with the  hardware and wouldn't mind  offering
> some  help?
> thanks
> happy 4th
> On Jul 3, 2009, at 4:47 PM, myles landstein wrote:
>> Hoping to get some real world advice from those that are using
>> MacDoppler and a compatible Rotor /Controller set up as this will
>> be my first time getting a rotator and controller.
>> I wanted to solicit some advice on two fronts, the rotor
>> controller basically for ease of use with MacDoppler and
>> rotor reliability.
>> My first thoughts were towards a Yaesu 5500 and maybe the
>> PrimeTec controller or maybe the LVB tracker as it's less costly.
>> I read a few reviews but not much was out there in general but
>> especially on the PrimeTec...
> Anyone using the PrimeTec?
>> What are you using as a controller? would appreciate any
>> comparisons pro's cons tips tricks you might have
>> My biggest concern really is the Rotator. I am in a situation such
>> that after installation, getting back to the roof for repairs
>> would be rather difficult. So i am trying to identify the 'best'
>> small/moderate sized rotator (az/el) as possible /practical.
>> Will be turning a small M2 2m and 440 circular pol beam
>> Not really sure how reliable the 5500 is for long term use. so
>> if there was a 'better' more reliable and or longer lasting rotor
>> out there i'd strongly consider it
>> The only thing I thought of as a alternative was the AlphaSpid but
>> comparing reviews I seem to come out about the same between it and
>> the 5500 -hoping some real world  responses might  help me break the
>> 'tie'
>> Since this is all new stuff and I am not finding the usual
>> quality 'google' results /reviews (PrimeTec) I would greatly
>> appreciate any
>> help or experience /advice on this from someone that went down
>> this road already and willing to share some first hand info on what
>> they use.
>> thanks very much grateful for any advice.
>> Going to Dayton '10  It will get better with
>> more support!
>> Myles D   Landstein
>> N2EHG
>> myles.landstein at gmail.com
> Myles Landstein
> myles.landstein at gmail.com
> please note my   new email address
> dti will soon be eliminated , gmail is my new home  update your dir
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