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Mike Ryan mryan301 at comcast.net
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QHTenna was back for a little while in 2008 but is again no longer making antennas for Amateurs. This is the last website.


I have a pair of his antennas. They were your basic turnstile (no reflector ) made of aluminum rods and PVC. They did the job as omnis go and I'm still using them. Like most omnis a preamp greatly improves the experience. My primary antennas for LEO Sats now are the WAVJB cheap yagis. 8 element 440 and 3 elements 2M all on same boom at 15 degrees fixed elevation. I went with PVC instead of wood construction as it was easier to weather proof. 

As for other omnis, QST also recently (Nov 2008) reviewed a QFH (quadrifilar) from antennas.us and really liked it. Its more expensive than a turnstile.  QFHs have a good reputation for performance and a bad reputation for construction, particularly on 440. I tried several times to build one to no avail though I've managed to build functional Eggbeater and Moxons.  The Eggbeater (no reflector) performed about the same as the turnstile. The Moxon was fantastic over 30 degrees or so but pretty poor below that. Made sense since its similar to a 2 element beam pointing at the sky.

I rather had my eye on the antennas.us model but havent gotten around to buying one yet.  



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The product review is in the August 2004 QST. If you have access to the reviews page you can find it under the "Q" listings by manufacturer.
Jim? KQ6EA

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Sounds like the "QHTennas", made by N4QH.? Reviewed in QST in 2005, then he 
stopped producing them just a few months later.
Near as I could figure out, they are a conventional turnstile design, but 
with the 2 dipoles separated by the length of the phasing line, and no 

George, KA3HSW

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