[amsat-bb] Antenna Question

Joel Black jbblack at charter.net
Sat Jul 4 07:50:59 PDT 2009

Happy Independence Day.

Does anyone recognize the following antennas?  I purchased them years 
ago and they were part of a system I never installed.  Over the years, 
one of the elements has been damaged and, even though I can fix it 
myself, I'd like to know who made these.

Doggonit, I cannot upload to my webpage (something else yet to figure 
out).  Suffice it to say, my description may not do the antennas 
justice.  There are two of them, a 2m and 70cm made out of sched 40 
PVC.  They appear to be a "turnstile" type antenna with two aluminum 
elements at the top and two at the  bottom 90° out of phase from each 
other (top and bottom).  In other words, if looking at a compass, the 
top two elements would be at N and S, the bottom two at E and W.  This 
is the same on both antennas as they are a matching set.

These antennas were in an old QST, but I have since gotten rid of all 
those magazines and cannot find the article online.  Any ideas or 

Joel, W4JBB

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