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John Kopala jkopala at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 22:22:54 PDT 2009


I may be a little off on the following since I do not have a schematic for the G-5400, but here goes:
The KR-500 elevation rotor did not have limit switches and the run cap was in the control box.
The G400 did not have limit switches and the run cap was in the control box.
The KR-500 and G-400 were combined to make the G-5400 which did not have the computer interface in the control box and did not have limit switches or run caps in the rotors.
The G-5400B added limit switches and the run cap to the elevation rotor, but not the azimuth rotor.
The G-5500 added limit switches and run caps to both rotors plus the special cable connector on the rotors.
The G-5600B is the same as the G-5500 but with the screw type terminal strips on the rotors.
I will send you PDF files for the KR-500, G-400, G-5400B/G-5600B, and G-5500 in a separate email.
If you get 5500 rotors, I understand the connectors are rather pricey. 
The addition of the limit switches requires that the run cap be located in the rotor rather than the control box.  Otherwise the motor would not run once a limit switch was opened.  Placing the run cap after the limit switch provides the phase shifted voltage/current necessary to reverse the motor when the switch is opened.

John Kopala

Good day sat-guys:
I have an old Kenpro G5400 without computer interface and a newer Yaesu G5600B control box.
What are the differences in the motors between these 2 series other than the limit switches?
In case of the control boxes, I see the G5400 has starter motor caps, but the G5600B control box doesn't.
The old motors didn't work with the 5600B box until I added a starter cap to both the AZ and EL motor lines.
I am planning to use the 5600B box with LVB tracker- any other issues?
What do I need to do to use my old motors with the G5600B? Or, anyone have 5500 motors that they wish to sell?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Bennett ko2ok 

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