[amsat-bb] controller and Rotator help

myles landstein myles.landstein at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 13:47:24 PDT 2009

Hoping to get some real world advice from those that are using
MacDoppler and a compatible Rotor /Controller set up as this will
be my first time getting a rotator and controller.

I wanted to solicit some advice on two fronts, the rotor
controller basically for ease of use with MacDoppler and
rotor reliability.

My first thoughts were towards a Yaesu 5500 and maybe the
PrimeTec controller or maybe the LVB tracker as it's less costly.

I read a few reviews but not much was out there in general but
especially on the PrimeTec...

What are you using as a controller? would appreciate any
comparisons pro's cons tips tricks you might have

My biggest concern really is the Rotator. I am in a situation such
that after installation, getting back to the roof for repairs
would be rather difficult. So i am trying to identify the 'best'
small/moderate sized rotator (az/el) as possible /practical.

Will be turning a small M2 2m and 440 circular pol beam

Not really sure how reliable the 5500 is for long term use. so
if there was a 'better' more reliable and or longer lasting rotor
out there i'd strongly consider it

The only thing I thought of as a alternative was the AlphaSpid but
comparing reviews I seem to come out about the same between it and
the 5500

Since this is all new stuff and I am not finding the usual
quality 'google' results /reviews I would greatly appreciate any
help or experience /advice on this from someone that went down
this road already and willing to share some first hand info.

thanks very much grateful for any advice.

Going to Dayton '10  It will get better with
more support!

Myles D   Landstein
myles.landstein at gmail.com

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