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Roger Kolakowski rogerkola at aol.com
Fri Jul 3 15:03:26 PDT 2009

Why not initially inquire of William Leijenaar PE1RAH about his completed
transponder, the Mark I, Type I of which is already in space in the
satellite from India?

Last heard he was looking for a standardized frame for a cubesat to place it
in...work with him financially, provide him with, or aim him toward a frame
and put it "on the AMSAT shelf" for the next available launch "anyone"

Here is an "engineering student" (as quoted from the AMSAT website) who has
accomplished all of this by himself...offer him some help as well as the
big, wide world influence of AMSAT to find the NEXT launch. Who cares what
orbit it is in? (that ought to start thing up again!)


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> Hello all,
> This "moon" thread has prompted some interesting thoughts. Perhaps some
> of you might like to channel that talk into action.
> I chair the AMSAT Engineering Task Force (ETF), of which Drew
> Glasbrenner is a member. He has already noted the need for volunteers.
> I'm going to comment on one of the current ETF tasks that can use your
> support.
> For the past two years we have defined the satellite features we should
> have for a HEO (high earth orbit) launch opportunity. We stand prepared
> to embark on that project "IF" the funds (more than $8 million) are made
> available to us. Well folks - we're no closer to landing $8 mil plus
> today then we were two years ago. The situation is no different then the
> financial problems facing the P3E project.
> So, the revised Mission Vision resulting from the October 2008 Board
> meeting tasked us to prepare a strategy to get us ready for "ANY LAUNCH"
> opportunity that we uncover(yes - that includes LEOs). Our satellite
> sub-system module development program is making good progress to meet
> that object.
> That said - we are starting to define the "features" we'd like to see on
> our next "realistic and attainable" satellite project. Assuming it could
> be a LEO launch, possibly a 1X to 3X CubeSat style satellite, WHAT WOULD
> YOU LIKE TO SEE ON BOARD, by way of communication, science experiments,
> Let's see how creative you can be, but let's temper our desires with
> realism.
> Send me your list (off line preferably). I'll sort the responses and
> report back to the -bb, and the Board, with what you folks are thinking
> about. If there is an aspect of satellite design or a project you're
> keen on doing, let me know that too. If your a students with an idea
> that didn't make it on you're school's CubeSat project or the project is
> going too slow for you - I'd like to hear from you too.
> I know we keep trying to get your inputs and make you part of the
> solution and it usually doesn't succeed. Will this solicitation be any
> different??
> Regards...Bill - N6GHz
> Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:
> >> Why don't AMSAT folks do a business/grant/ plan and go after
> >> seed money, with the goal of collecting the $20 million. It's just
> >> there, from Google, waiting for geniuses like we already have to go
> >> it. No free money; just available to those who want it bad enough.
> >
> > So what's stopping you?
> >
> > Seriously folks, AMSAT is not some big monolith that you send all your
> > prayers to and wait for them to happen. We are AMSAT. If you feel
> > about a project, put together a plan and a team and bring it to the BOD
> > prepared to describe how you are going to accomplish it. The problem is
> > AMSAT is chronically short of those who want to really help. We have
> > empty officer positions. We only had enough BOD candidates to fill the
> > available and the alternate. We have a list in every Journal of jobs we
> > help with, but very few have stepped forward to actually help. We need
> > with skills in:
> >
> > Marketing
> > Sales
> > Software Engineering
> > Hardware Engineering
> > PC Based Software Design
> > Web design and maintenance
> > Project Management
> > Documentation
> > Hardware Testing
> > Software Testing
> > Hardware Prototyping
> > Specific Area Web site information maintenance
> > Video Recording, digital conversion and editing
> > Writing Technical or Instructional Material
> > Educational Activities
> > Promoting AMSAT as an Area Coordinator
> >
> > ...and whatever else you think might help.
> >
> > See Page 19 of the last AMSAT Journal. If you don't get the Journal,
> > AMSAT so you can have a say in what we do by whom you elect to the BOD.
> > Arguing about it on the internet is one thing, but doing something about
> > takes another level of commitment.
> >
> > 73, Drew KO4MA
> >
> >
> >
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