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Could the antenna be a launched in the craft as piece of small, folded
reflective plastic that when activated by gas or ??, expands to a dish
shape, and becomes a super large plastic large dish? The dish  then could be
any size we wanted it to be and not be a hindrance to the launch craft size.
I've seen these but have trouble no putting my finger on the name. We could
make the dish 30ft around and folded it could be 4 inches square.

DM78qd // KA0SWT
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>Why not use a L/s, U/L. or a U/s transponder for this?
>Why limit ourselves to V/u for everything?
>Aren't we supposed to 'experiment' with the higher frequencies we have 

I agree.  I believe the Moon is a job for the microwave bands.  Antenna gain
on both ends is easier to produce (for a fixed dish/array, the Moon end will
be gain limited by the need to have the beam cover for the varying position
of the Earth due to libration).

Comeing up with a method to align the antenna initially will be an
interesting challenge.  That will have to be automated, even if it's a one
off process.

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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