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Dear friends,

We know that some Satellite Operators use diferent system to doppler

For Linear Transponder
1) Adjust uplink and downlink automatic by CAT? (Not always woks, some times
I´m up or down from the computer adjust)
2) Adjust uplink and downlink manual
3) Keep Uplink fixed and adjust only the Downlink frequency.

What is the more indicate method to use?
FT-847 have knob to adjust Uplink without change downlink VFO, and I´m using
it to keep my voice in downlink at same downlink much I can.

But I know some operators use fixed uplink.

How you do?

Fabiano Moser CR7/PY5RX
ARISS-PORTUGAL (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station)
Representative at Teleconference and Portugal Telebridge Coordinator.

Hi Fabiano, CR7/PY5RX

My preferred metod (from OSCAR-6 to AO40) is to adjust only the Uplink
frequency in order to keep my voice in downlink as clear as possible exactly
as you actually do manually.
If the station in contact with me moves up or down I invite the operator to
move the VFO of his TX to come again in my constant receiving frequency.

73" de
i8CVS Domenico

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